Remote PC & Laptop Support

We use remote desktop software that requires no previous set up on your part and can connect through most routers and firewalls regardless of the configuration. Our techs can share your screen and actually SEE what you see. This makes it easy for them to help solve the problem and it is much easier on you. No more unplugging your PC and carrying it somewhere for repairs and waiting days for a minor repair.

When a tech calls you, he/she will direct you to the link on our site or email to get connected to your machine. When the repairs are done, our software uninstalls itself. Nothing is left on your machine. No connection is left open. We use a variety of tools to help repair problems and most of these are free. If we think a tool is needed that is not free, we will speak to you and get your permission before going further. This is rare.

You must have a high speed connection to the internet and be able to browse the web or get email for us to help. You must contact us BEFORE any service is done.

Call Today! (409) 769-4488

Genesis Computers provides this service to anyone in any location with a high speed internet connection. It may be DSL or Cable or any other type of high speed connection. Service is usually done by appointment. No set up is required and no software remains on your machine after we disconnect. Our techs do not have the ability to log back in later once the connection is stopped. Your satisfaction and security is our goal.

Genesis Computers will access, collect and use certain information during your session for limited purposes.

By connecting, you acknowledge that:

  • Genesis Computers Remote Support sessions may be monitored or recorded for quality control purposes.
  • You agree that you will not export any controlled technology or software during the remote session unless that export is authorized.
  • If potentially illegal, suspicious or dangerous activity is discovered during the course of the Remote Support session, Genesis Computers reserves the right to report it to appropriate agencies, including law enforcement.

Need a reboot?

Here at Genesis Computers we know that sometimes you just have to start over and our data preservation and backup services are second to none. You can always trust that your data will be safe and sound with Genesis Computers. Even if re-installing your operating system is the only option, you can rest assured that all of your data will be intact and secure.


Sure you have questions, and we are here to provide you with the most concise answers possible. Our lines of communication are always open and you can feel comfortable knowing that we can be reached by telephone or e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to call 409-769-4488 or fill out our contact form.

AVG Authorized

Genesis Computers is your local AVG Authorized Reseller. Keep your system clean, protected and running optimally at all times with an AVG Anti-Virus or System Defense solution.

Need a website? Genesis Computers is a proud partner with 1&1 Internet.